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PEI Bookkeeping | Software | Consulting Services

PEI Accounting | Bookkeeping Services | Software


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New and existing businesses of all sizes rely on accounting services to provide on-site or off-site bookkeeping and accounting assistance. PEI Business Services Ltd work with industry leaders to ensure you get the appropriate accounting and bookkeeping services on all your operations needs.


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Our team has more than 35 years of management, finance, accounting, advisory and bookkeeping experience. We truly understand the needs of small business owners, financial managers and high net worth individuals.

Having worked with all areas of Island business, including agriculture, aquaculture,
retail, service, construction, manufacturing and fisheries – we can provide the complete spectrum of bookkeeping and accounting services.

PEI Business Services Ltd can assist with finding the right personnel or the provision of services for:


   entry of source documents

  •    tax and payroll calculations
  •    accounting and office processes
  •    internal auditing
  •    development and implementation of accounting  ​     systems
  •    preparation of internal accounting reports
  •    preparation of external accounting reports

We work closely with client personnel to provide a cost effective accounting and advisory solutions through hands-on training and mentoring as well as arranging for services thru external service providers.


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