If you would like a profile on PEI Business Directory please contact us at 902 940 5927 or add the details below from the form below:

Website, services, pricing, hours, location, etc.

There is a yearly charge of $80.00 or $320.00 depending on the profile selected and if you want a unique URL to point to your profile

EG: www.crumbleswithatwist or please let us know your desired URL name so we

see if it is available and if available set up the link to point to your profile.


All profiles have:


Addition of photos, listing details, contact forms,

web links, Google maps and social media tools are included in the yearly membership fee.


The enhanced package ($320) included all of the main features plus:

Unique URL listing

SEO Optimization for Google, Bing, Yahoo

APP and Video Capacity


Our web programmer will set up a time to take pictures, add the necessary listing details and write up the content of your profile listing. Enhanced listings are optimized to be found in the top searches of Google, Yahoo and Bing.


Basically One Call Does It All


If you are requesting a Custom Made Website – the $320 package is included in ALL of our website designs.


All fees go to support PEI Business Federation Ltd |  A Small business association dedicated to PEI Business issues and concerns. For more information on PEI Business Federation and the benefits please visit If you decide to be a full member of PEI Business Federation Ltd. the $80.00/$320 fee is deducted from your membership and included in your yearly dues.


When you BUY NOW  we will create your business profile within 2-5 days and paypal will charge you $80.00 or $320 Canadian.

Thank you for your purchase.




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